Looking for the best radio programs for dementia residents? Companion Radio programming is designed to appeal to a wide range of seniors — those who live independently, those who need help with daily living, and those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Click below to get the best music for senior audiences and our in-service training.

Higher Functioning

A big challenge of caregiving is how to engage the active minds of higher-functioning residents. Companion Radio offers a host of condensed books, popular poetry, and senior news from AARP’s Primetime Radio to keep your residents stimulated and challenged.


Lower Functioning

Simplistic  programming is the best choice for stimulating the minds of lower-functioning residents. We provide simple games and interactive programs, lullabies, and religious material specifically designed for those with dementia. Our relaxation programs can help cue residents when it’s time to sleep and make transitions between routine activities easier.


 The Serenity Station can help calm and relax residents and promote reminiscing. Instrumental music provides a soothing environment for agitated or anxious residents. Also, tune in to instrumental music on the Reminiscence Station.

Group Activities

Gather around and enjoy games, sing-alongs, and exercise! We supply all game pieces and instructions. These programs are aired daily, so you can add them to your activity calendar several times a week.

Dining and Background Music

  • Make mealtimes special with our instrumental music.
  • Play programs on the Reminiscence Station or Golden Age Entertainment Station during coffee hour
    or social events.
  • Listen to Companion Radio as background music when doing crafts, having manicures, celebrating birthdays,
    or visiting with friends and family.

In-Service Training

Keep your staff up-to-date and in compliance with training requirements with our in-service training.