Potential Grants for Companion Radio Programming

In 1986, Congress passed the Nursing Home Reform ACT (OBRA) which allowed the government to issue sanctions against nursing homes that failed to comply with federal Medicare and Medicaid regulations. Civil money penalties (CMP) are one type of sanction.

The federal Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) contract with each state to inspect nursing homes on a regular basis and to issue CMPs for failure to comply with federal statutes.

CMS issued guidance to states encouraging the use of federal CMP funds of innovative projects that improve the quality of life and quality of care for nursing home residents.  These funds are a potentially powerful source for supporting innovation that improves conditions for all who live in a nursing home (culture change)!

Many states have a coalition that may be able to assist you in finding funding for Companion Radio as an innovative quality of life program for your community.

If you are interested in finding resources, we suggest looking at the Pioneer Network (Changing the culture of aging in the 21st century.) website and finding your state’s coalition.

Grant-seeker Resources for Funding Companion Radio

The Grantsmanship Center − TGCI ( − This website has ideas and articles for successful grant writing and fundraising.  Included are links to potential funding sources in your area.

The Foundation Center − ( − The Foundation Center is well known for gathering print resources for grant research.  The site lists “Cooperating Collections” which are free funding information centers located in libraries, community foundations and other nonprofit resource centers that provide a collection of Foundation Center publications, materials and services useful to grant-seekers.

InnoNet Online Toolbox − ( − A free resource to help you design proposals providing step-by-step instructions on program planning, evaluation and fundraising.